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HeaderI spend a lot of time in the kitchen curating food that is pretty easy to put together and tastes amazing. I wanted to create a space where all of my recipes will end up! I fell in love with cooking when I was 8, and learned quickly how to create from what was on-hand, as well as adjusting recipes based on my dietary needs/restrictions.

I’ve been told numerous times to write a book, and while that is still a ‘maybe,’ I have decided to share!

Because of the amount of time I put into sharing them, locating the harder to find items that can be delivered to you, and taking recommendations/ideas and turning them into edibles, I am asking for payment. You will gain access to all current, and upcoming, recipes as well as be able to reach out to me for requests of new recipes.

**Coming Soon** This subscription based section is in the works, if you’d like to be part of the beta program:

You’re going to get limited-time, at a discounted price, all access to all current and future recipes, request recipe ideas, emailed weekly grocery lists based on the recipes you pick out, and emailed weekly meal plans based on your health goals. This is a monthly charge, $50/month. The items may take up to two weeks to be available to you, but you’ll have immediate access once they’re out, as they roll out!

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