Costa Rica – Packing List

I was given a recommended list for what to bring to Costa Rica for the Find Your Peace Retreat my friend co-hosted. She has been visiting the area we were going to for the last 10 years, going at least 3 times each year, so she knew exactly what to bring. She didn’t exactly list…… Continue reading Costa Rica – Packing List

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Hawai’i – O’ahu’s record rain

The Plan, Getting Here, Days 1-6, & 7-14 are the first parts in this series. Day 14 – Landing in Honolulu was a bit dramatic, I was not prepared for the sharp hairpin turn on approach, but it was really cool seeing part of the military base of Pearl Harbor as we came in. We…… Continue reading Hawai’i – O’ahu’s record rain


Hawai’i – The Maui Adventure

The Plan, Getting Here, and Days 1-6 are the first parts in this series. Day 7 – the flight from Hilo to Maui was a whopping 40 minutes long. After arrival, we grabbed a rental car, which was a nightmare considering we are really easy people to ‘deal with’, and I wanted to head to…… Continue reading Hawai’i – The Maui Adventure