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Week 8 – 2017 Goals Check In!

How are your 2017 goals? Need to make/revise, do it!

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Wellness Wednesday – How far have you come?

Over on Instagram, I shared a video of a portion of my workout today. I was doing something I haven’t felt 100% confident with for a year. Here’s the video: Lateral step-ups are something I haven’t done for at least one year, I did step ups this high a few times within that same time frame.…… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday – How far have you come?

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Wellness Wednesday – Holidays are coming

HEYYYOOOOOOOOO!! Wellness is a HUGE passion of mine, and today is Wednesday, so yeah, Wellness Wednesday is now going to be a (possibly regular) thing! All of the links in this post are original, unsponsored, unaffiliated. This is a post about something I love, and want to make sure as many people see it as…… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday – Holidays are coming

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Fitness for every age

You guys!! My friend shared this video with me, and it made me so sad! To think of our elderly, our role models, our grandparents, getting left behind in the fitness world is just heart breaking. They took care of us, raised us, taught us about life, and people aren’t making sure they continue having…… Continue reading Fitness for every age

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Waking up a different person

Have you ever thought about the things you’ve gone through to get where you are? November 1st, I woke up with neck pain, I figured it was from sleeping awkward. November 2nd, my neck still hurt, so I went to the doctor and was given a muscle relaxer. November 3rd, I woke up with some…… Continue reading Waking up a different person

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6 weeks until Marathon Day, I’ve hit a road block

Happy Monday!!! It’s been a month since I’ve posted, and the reason is because I hit a road block mentally in my training. Have you ever noticed when one thing in life is lacking, other areas of your life also feel as if they fade off a bit? That’s how the past month or so has been…… Continue reading 6 weeks until Marathon Day, I’ve hit a road block