#RunChat Runbassador

Every Sunday of each month (except the 5th Sunday, that’s a Rest Day!) there is a one-hour twitter party full of runners!
During the week, runners use #runchat in their tweets to keep the conversation going and to spread the word of that week’s giveaway/discount! Marathon entries, Road IDs, socks, etc.
PLUS, you get to see what others are up to, make new friends, and grow your support team!
This particular community has helped me:
1. Grow as a runner
2. Realize food related needs/no-nos
3. Start THIS BLOG
4. Become a more confident runner
5. Accomplish training for my first half-marathon (first is the key word)

You have to Follow!
http://www.twitter.com/therunchat  @therunchat


Share your thoughts, please!

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