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My first Fix – review

In October I received my first ‘fix,’ a curated box of items hand selected for you from a Stitch Fix stylist. I received this first fix with a one-time waived styling fee, as a new partner to Stitch Fix.

The box arrived a week later than I wanted, so I had a little anxiety over what might be inside. The goods were tightly, carefully wrapped in this bundle of birthday-present-like excitement.

As soon as I unrolled and separated each item, I was ecstatic.

The stylist, Emily, knocked it out for the park for what I requested (moving to a new climate and need something for each occasion possible), and obviously spent a good amount of time looking at my profile (you answer detailed fashion questions, and fits of clothing you prefer), my Pinterest account (highly recommend creating one specific for your Stitch Fix), and here’s what arrived:

I love this top, everything about it is amazing.

The teal top actually had a small blemish, a thread was loose, but I was able to exchange it EASILY!

img_3597I’ve only remembered twice to take a photo while I’m wearing these pieces, but trust me they are comfortable and versatile! I already had the two button down shirts, and the pants, so that flows tank literally was perfect for my style.

After trying everything on, and getting honest feedback from boyfriend, I decided to keep everything. I’ve worn everything at least once, and did choose to receive a second fix in December.

My second fix, was disappointing. I requested crop top shirts, and low-rise shorts, and received the freaking opposite. My profile even lists low-rise for pants (you choose low, mid, or high rise), and yet I received high-rise. I didn’t even take pictures I was so bummed. I honestly should have sent everything back, but I did see possibility in making the clothing work differently than the stylist (different than the first, I won’t name) intended. I kept those four pieces and sent the handbag back (the only thing actually in current fashion I received) since I literally did not ever see myself using it.

Because it was such a huge difference, and because there were two completely different stylists, I really want to try it one more time.

My boyfriend received a box in December, as well. The mens’ line launched in late fall, so we were both interested to see what they’d find for him as he’s tall and skinny, which is not an easy combination to shop for. He kept three of the five items, jeans, shoes, and a tee shirt he loves, and wears them all of the time! This also makes me want to try another fix… so I’m scheduling one for March.

They also offer gift certificates (even printable) and just launched a maternity line:

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