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Week 1 – 2017 Goals Check in!

Happy Sunday!!!! Here’s my 2017 goals, in case you’re new to this blog.

I worked out 6 of the previous 7 days, and took Saturday off to just relax and recover. Thursday I had set out to do a double workout, I’ve done that before and knew how it would feel, but my attitude before hand was doubting myself.

Aloha Fitness Pants by Love Fitness Apparel

I made it through the first half (SAQ), so I headed to the gym for the weight lifting second half. I felt AMAZING the entire time, and am VERY happy I didn’t give up before even starting. I’m glad I haven’t enrolled in a Yoga practice yet, as I would have been very burned out Saturday instead of the just kind of burned out feeling of a new routine. Fun new pants are helping, head to my Instagram to follow the picture journey. I use InstaStories daily. These pants are bought from Love Fitness Apparel, use EM10 for a 10% discount for your order!

I ate really well all week, and enjoyed the last 3 Canyon Bakehouse brownie bites we had and half a Daiya pizza Friday night, and had the remaining pizza Saturday. SO GOOD!!!!

A reward meal or two on a weekend is easier for your metabolism than an entire cheat weekend. Your 2 days of the weekend can offset 3 days of your week if you truly throw them away “as a reward” for your hard work.

Going well, considering I just published this post a day after posting my actual goals. =) I need to dedicate time everyday to either write down post ideas, or writing the entire posts. I fell out of this habit during the move… which I haven’t yet written about.

Haven’t made any headway on this, as of this publishing. =(


What are your goals? How did your first week go?


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