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Last Minute Gift Guide 2016

Happy Sunday!!!!

Are you a last minute shopper, maybe just find yourself overwhelmed with other life stuff, and you’ve run out of time finding that perfect gift for a certain person in your life? Perhaps, you’re your own secret Santa and it’s time to put a present under the tree you’ve had your eye on! No matter why you’re still shopping, here’s a list of a few last minute gift ideas that I personally love and use.

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  1. A Planner, that is also a journal. Believer in writing out manifestations? Need a place for your doodles, gratitudes, and schedule all in one? I personally use Danielle Laport’s the Daily Edition, as I like journaling each day before I look at my schedule, but there is a weekly edition as well.
    The Daily Edition – February 10, 2017 page
    The Weekly Edition

    Other fun, inspirational products here. There will be a prompt “Enter your email address and you will get 15% off your first order, and a bundle of digital inspiration from Danielle.” I recommend entering your email, and unsubscribing later if you really don’t find something you or someone you love would adore to have. Why throw away free money in case you do want something?!

  2. A lot of serious athletes keep a journal of their workouts and performances, some to reflect back on, others just to log their miles of their shoes (Yes, you need more than one pair of running shoes!). journalchart-2_f3de9eb9-7dc7-4c2f-8a44-fb652b85a0b0I choose to use the Believe Training Journal, but if you’re shopping for a serious competitor (BQ, anyone?), choose the Compete Training Journal!
  3. For the fashion lover, who may be limited on time to curate their closet, or maybe have limited access to the stores they would prefer to shop from, I recommend a StitchFix Gift Card! You pay $25 for a stylist to send you items specific to your tastes, which you complete a questionnaire, provide info on what you’re looking for specifically, and share your Pinterest boards, each shipment. You can choose the frequency, I choose every 3 months, and only pay for what you decide to keep! You even choose the price range you’re comfortable spending on each category! img_4175-1This dress was sent in my first ‘Fix,’ and I LOVE it! They have a mens’ line, too! Signup for yourself here or give a gift card here.
  4. Did you know you can give Amazon E-Gift Cards? They also have traditional gift cards and various designs for each season! This will let your hard to shop for person pick out something! You may also consider gifting Amazon Prime service to get Free 2-day shipping, taking advantage of the Subscribe and Save feature part of Prime, or maybe binging on some Prime Movies. I have been an Amazon Prime member for 7 years, and it’s WORTH EVERY PENNY. I used it in college to get my books FOR CHEAP, and had them delivered for free before class started. WINNING!
  5. Do you love to cook? Do you have a favorite knife?! You should, that is a tool that a you are comfortable and confident with! My FAVORITE knife, that does EVERYTHING and cuts smooth as butter travels with me! It’s THAT good! Let me introduce you to the 8″ Santoku hollow edge knife by WÜSTHOF. 4183_20Cuts potatoes like they’re softened sticks of butter, so SMOOTH! I want a whole set, but know this knife will do it all.
  6. I had been LONGING for the Nike+ Watch back in the day, and am VERY glad I did not buy one! I waited, thinking there would be a better version of it, and watching Apple and Nike collaborate over the years I had a feeling they’d pair up in the watch department and BOY DID THEY! Having the ability to track my run, weight lifting, yoga, and “other” activities right from my watch (GPS enabled, and stores music) is so much better than carrying that bulky phone everywhere. Rarely do I have my phone on me during sweat-sesh, once I learn the precise number of steps to take during 200m/400m runs, I’ll leave it behind every time! It’s the same price as the regular Gen2, but the watch band ALONE is worth considering getting the Nike version.
  7. Essential Oils used to be something I didn’t pay any attention to, until I began practicing Yoga in a studio (oh, the smells!), and then again when I became injured. My step-mom gave me a bathsalt mixture to help my inflamed joints as a present, and it was LIFE CHANGING! You can also make center pieces, and other fun decor items!
    fd927f3008abee22f04983fb8cbe4615 I now use them to ‘change’ my concentration, whether that’s more focused to stay on task (clary sage with lemon), or to focus on relaxation before bed (lavender, lemon, tea tree), as well as use lavender to help ward off the bugs while I sleep. I use Veriditas and Aura Cacia brands. I recommend this diffuser, you can plug it into any USB friendly wall plug (comes with cord), a lot of cars now have USB ports, or stick some batteries in it if you’re taking it along to the library for an afternoon. Plus, it’s cheaper than most larger options and comes with multiple ‘discs’ so you can save your scents without overlapping (guilty).
  8. Are you shopping for someone that loves to go to the movies? Get them a gift card, loaded with enough for a ticket or two, a snack or two, and a beverage! Seriously, movies can be expensive but a great way to enjoy, especially if they’re able to grab a marine which tend to be cheaper! Check the movie theater that they frequent, but most cinemas are in the Fandango listing, so you can give them a gift card that’s able to be used a multiple locations.
  9. Food!! Seriously, grab some ingredients, pop them into the oven (or a glass jar), and tie on a bow! a136e6edd2e37a3c8944f48d923420e2Does your special person have a specific treat that you make, make it and package it up! Or place the dry ingredients in a cute container, write a beautiful instructional card on how to finish the item, and wrap it up with a bow! OR, create a whole menu, arrange for a day date, and spend the day cooking for them while you have a wonderful visit!


What are other ideas for last minute gifters, or just generally great gift ideas?!

What’s the closest you’ve come to last minute shopping?
My dad used to be notorious for 48 hours before the event!

Is there anything that’s on your list that you might gift yourself this year?


Share your thoughts, please!

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