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Life Changes

Holy buckets, there is SO much I have not shared with you!!!

First, I’m running again!!!! I can successfully, and comfortably, run a full 5k without issue! I only run, currently, once a week but have big sights on getting up to 10 miles in one run by fall!! Crazy how I ran a marathon last year and now I’m excited about completing 3.11 miles!

Second, we’re planning a HUGE move! I will share more on this as things get closer to getting the keys to the new home!

Third, I’m creating a subscription based recipes section after a lot of people have requested me to write a book and share more of my creations. If you want to sign up to be informed when it goes live: emilymahr.wordpress.com/recipes I’m hooking up people that  signup before it goes live with a SURPRISE!

Talk to you sooner than later, this time!


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