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#IceCreamforBreakfast because #kidsgetcancertoo

My FAVORITE ice cream is chocolate almond fudge, but I haven’t found this flavor profile in the non-dairy section.  Since today is International Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast, a grassroots campaign bringing awareness of the Give Kids the Village Campaign (read more here and here), which is a vacation cost-free for kids with life-threatening illness, and their families.

What a better reason to make my own version of chocolate almond fudge ice cream!  I had some thoughts, and decided to go with protein powder, chocolate almond milk, ice, regular almond milk, and some Horchata.  It needs some work on the consistency, but it is GOOD!

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Chocolate Almond Protein Ice Cream
1 serving Vanilla Protein powder of choice
8 ounces Dark Chocolate Almond Milk (they come in these sizes in a 4-pack!)
2 ounces Regular Unsweetened Almond Milk
1 ounce Horchata
2 handfuls ice

Blend.  Enjoy!

How did you celebrate this day?


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