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Researching protein powders

I’ve been reading Matt Fitzgerald’s The New Rules of Marathon and Half-Marathon Nutrition because I KNOW nutrition is 80% of performance.
I’ve been a protein powder user for many years, trying different kinds, flavors, ways to make them, and I’ve always felt EXHAUSTED afterwards (and bloated) and thought it was normal.
In that book, I learned that my protein was probably not cutting it because it didn’t have a carb to protein ratio to benefit my recovery. I also learned I need more carbs during longer runs.
I now have autoship for GU through Amazon (that site seriously has everything!) to make sure I have it in stock.
I also tried a protein powder back in May and have since FALLEN IN LOVE with it. I even put a little in my fuel belt to use during training to find my perfect sports drink type hydration (since I can’t stand actual sports drinks this far).
1. I feel like I have MORE energy afterwards (instead of feeling like I needed a nap).
2. My legs and body goes into immediate recovery!
3. I don’t feel bloated!!!
4. It’s natural, with zero artificial sweeteners, and has only 5 ingredients.

Have you ever discovered something that has changed your life, like this?


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