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Get Lucky 7K

Get Lucky Twin Cities offers a half-marathon distance in addition to the 7k, but I’m not that in love with winter to prepare for a winter half-marathon. So I stick with the shorter distances when snow is still on the ground.
I competed a great ‘warm up’ run the day before, since I hadn’t run in over 2 weeks. I knew a 7k wouldn’t be a problem for me, but it’s always a good excuse to get in some miles.
Date: March 15, 2014
Scene: Saint Patrick’s Day decorations every where, green leggings on many, leprechaun costumes on even more. On the streets of Minneapolis, in the “Mill City” neighborhood (gorgeous!), one block from the Mississippi River. Traffic noises, thousands of runners, and an irish band.
Forecast was 30 degrees, slight wind, and sunshine.
This is an awesome forecast for a run in Minnesota during March (or any month November – March).
I was feeling great, energized, excited, and healthy.
This was my second time running this race, last year was my first time and I am happy to say it improved in a few important ways.
This year they had an indoor pre-race location, they had waves for start times, and the finish area was more organized. All of these amazing things kept us runners warm!
Here’s my mileage, for March. I’m quite happy with both (yes, only two) days that I ran, and my time for the 7k was awesome considering I was running just for fun and was not looking to PR!
During the entire run I was feeling good, I dressed properly, fueled properly, and the sun felt SO GOOD on my face. I ran with some of my favorite people, which made it an even better day.
Because of the outside temperatures, I didn’t take any photos in fear of wrecking my phone. The course goes around the river, so the wind gets a bit chillier than running through the park or city. And I didn’t want to take of my gloves to operate the camera. BRRRR!

Afterwards we had lunch at a new restaurant, and then spent the afternoon watching TV show marathons in the warmth of the livingroom.

What about you?!
Did you run this event?!
Did you participate in a Saint Patrick’s Day event?


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