#Elf4Health 2013 Challenge

Happy Saturday!
Monday begins the first round of the Elf For Health Challenge, which I am signed up for!
Here’s the full challenge schedule:

I signed up on Lindsay’s page, http://www.theleangreenbean.com, and you can sign up for the second round still and participate on your own for the first round!
I am very excited for this challenge. Normally I only participate in personal challenges, so this group challenge will be a great opportunity to learn many things!
PLUS, there are prizes!!
*If you missed the initial sign up deadline, you can still participate! Learn more and sign up HERE before December 6th for Round 2.

I have imported the Elf for Health Google calendar into my own so I will get daily email reminders as to what that day’s challenge is, along with my other calendar reminders (birthday’s, appointments, etc).

This is such a great challenge for this time of year, and a great way to incorporate habits to health-ify your life!

Are you participating in this challenge, too?
Will you sign up for the second round if you missed the first round?
What FOOD at Thanksgiving is your favorite?


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