SPA – #SweatPink Ambassador

Happy 11/12/13!!

Five days ago I, like several others, received an email from Alyse & Jamie congratulating me on being chosen as a Sweat Pink Ambassador (SPA).
I am so proud and excited to be one of the chosen out of the many that applied!
SweatPink is part of Fit Approach, and it’s a great way to approach Fitness!
This is new to me, but expect to see some #sweatpink in my Twitter feed and more blog posts once I get the feel for it!
My pink shoe laces are in the mail, so you’ll see photos of those, and my awesome phone case, after I receive them.
Sweat Pink’s website has a listing of places where you can get your sweat on, if you live or are traveling near by one of those locations. There doesn’t seem to be any near me, or near my next vacation destination, but one day I hope to be able to sweat in a #sweatpink environment!
You can follow @fitapproach on twitter, too!
Have a great day!


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