Feet are very important, especially for a runner.
We must protect our feet from the elements, some elements are more severe than others.
Shoes protect our feet.
Here’s the shoes I ran my first race in:
20130804-095106.jpgAsics GT-2140
I bought them MANY years ago and they should have been retired at least last year, if not sooner.
I am very sad to say I will be wearing them only once more, to the Warrior Dash, and then donating them.

Here’s the shoes I’m currently running in:
20130804-100935.jpg 20130804-100943.jpg
Two pairs of Asics Gel-Equations, because I like how they feel that much.
The rainbow laces did not come with the shoes, they are just awesome.
One pair of Asics GEL-Kayano 19s, which are what I wore last and are still equipped with the Nike+ sensor. I don’t need the sensor, but I’d prefer to have it to ensure accuracy of my runs.

This is how they usually look, but more of a “kicked-off sweaty feet” scattering if you can imagine:
Our two cats love my shoes, they make great resting places/pillows.
Yes, these are all Asics shoes.
Someday I’ll venture to another brand and add them to the mix.
I should really toss those black sandals after I heard how many bacteria sandals can carry after one year of use, and those are 5+ years old!

Here’s my foot protection for non-runs: 20130804-095642.jpgThe overly large shoes belong to boyfriend, he is slowly adapting my shoe love.
Some of these shoes are a decade, or more, old. Some of these shoes will only last one season, ie flipflops.

Yes, this is a stall in the garage. We only have one car currently due to our needs, so this is perfect.

Yes, I have a lot of shoes (but never too many).

No, I don’t maintain the organization rack as much as I clearly need to.

I am excited to have thought of this setup, there is a handbag hanging organizer as well as ball-cap hanging organizer just to the right of my shoe rack.
Soon there will be an entry way bench where the lawn chair sits, I just have to move it out of the living room.

What are your favorite shoe brands?
Where do you shop for shoes?
How do you keep them all “organized?”


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